I'm coming out

I'm coming out
Name: Ailani Valleau
Pronouns: She/Her but questioning
Instagram: sora._.thesimp

I have the vaguest memory of me being a kid and asking my mother ‘Is it ok to like girls?’ and she replied ‘You’re too young to know’ I just accepted that. As I grew, it became more prominent. In the third grade, I had a crush on a guy of course. But then I had a friend that was a girl. I had a crush on her too. I of course didn’t realize.

In 6th grade, I met my first ever LGBTQIA+ Person. I had a crush on them too, but never realized it. I started to learn about LGBTQIA+ more and more when I was in 7th grade. I accepted all my friends, and basically grew up around my trans friends. Some of them even took on the name I gave them when they were first coming out.

In 8th grade, I had my first official crush on a girl. I at first came out as bi, but then came out as Lesbian. A year later, I found out I was Demisexual as well. I was lesbian for 2 years.

Then there was this person who changed my life. Who let me cry when no one else did. Who could make me smile and laugh on my darkest days. Even the day I got called a fag and being told to burn in hell; they somehow knew and made me smile. That person was my Best friend.

Now I am 17, Pansexual Demisexual and that best friend is now my SO. It wasn’t easy and never will be, but that’s ok. If one day I get to be with them again then people being rude to me won’t matter.

This was my coming out, now all I have to do is leave Narnia.

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