It's more than ABC and 123...

It's more than ABC and 123...
Name: Ashley Sweitzer
Pronouns: She/Her
Instagram: sweitzzamabob

Beginning at a young age, school was not easy for me. I lost my mother at an early age and it impacted my motivation and academics. I could have easily slid through the cracks and had a completely different outcome for my life- but it was my teachers and coaches who never gave up on me and never let ME give up on myself. 

Teachers have a special opportunity to give back and give students an ambition to discover their full potential. As teachers, we have a chance to be a positive mentor and spark inspiration in the less motivated students. We can help students open doors they feel have been shut and encourage them to pursue a new path towards success. Once I got a fortune cookie that said, “An important word of advice may come from a child.” Most people would have thrown that fortune away; however, it is still with me on a daily basis. An individual working with students should have an open mind and not be afraid to relate to the students- we are all human. As we get older, there are times we forget to have fun, smile, and forget all our worries. Students remind me to be a free spirit and to not worry about the little things. By valuing what a student says, they are more likely to value what you say and teach them. It goes hand in hand with building relationships and trust. My passion for teaching continues to increase on a daily basis while taking advantage of the different opportunities to work with students from diverse backgrounds.

Although I love teaching Business and Marketing to students- for me, teaching isn’t about the “ABCs or 123s.” It is about helping students be the change they want to see in the world.