Journey to HERstory

Journey to HERstory

Pride to me is being unapologetically yourself, regardless. Regardless of the hate, criticisms, ignorance, and/or unnecessary words and actions of others- using your voice, standing up for who and what you believe in- never silenced. Loving who you love, supporting yourself and others in your community mentally and emotionally, not feeling a need to fit into a label, title, or stereotype for others comfort, but truly feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin to explore who you are and all that you can be in this world. I am a proud mixed race, lesbian woman- but that doesn’t define me- nor do the clothes I choose to wear everyday or how I style my hair. At the end of the day, how I treat myself and others defines me. Look to educate yourself, be open-minded, and never stop being a student of life.

I am most proud of my resilience, drive, and will to never quit. It has been my dream since I was 5 to work in sports, specifically for ESPN and 4 months ago, I made that dream a reality and am now working side by side with those I look up to- shadow, learning the ropes, and hoping to soon turn it into my full time career!

Pride month? Pride LIFE.

Stay loving, regardless. ✊?❤️?️‍?

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