Journey to Self Acceptance

Name:Paige Caswell

My journey to self acceptance includes multiple aspects. Self acceptance is key to each level. Please bear with me and I hope it all makes sense.

I have always been a tom boy. Growing up, I was always told that my interest in sports and video games would attract guys (told “guys will love this when you’re older”). I know those who said this has the best of intentions and has been true to a degree. It has been a life long struggle to realize that my self worth is more than that. The right “guy(s)” like this have also looked past that to get to know me past that on some level. It’s key to know the fine line between those who look at interests and those that are superficial.

I also know what it’s like to struggle with mental health. I have two different mood disorder diagnoses (I hope I’m correct on this) and the impact on everyday life. I went through a severe case of a depressive episode my freshman year of college (2013-14 school year) that resulted in a suicide note. My senior year I was diagnosed with Unspecified Mood Disorder and Moderate to Severe Generalized Anxiety Disorder. It finally explained so much over the years.

Freshman year at the same school, I was in an emotionally abusive relationship. Graduated and attended a different program at a different school and a boyfriend at the time (now ex for like 2 years) sexually assaulted me (attempted rape).

A song that has always gotten me through this when I reach my lows when remembering everything is called Still Breathing by Green Day. I’m always open to hearing other people’s stories and being there to listen (even just a shoulder to lean on/cry on). I know first hand how much of a difference/impact someone listening can have.

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