Looking Within

Looking Within

Hey everyone! My name is Ashly, also known as professional wrestler Hudson Envy. I’m truly honored in becoming apart of the Only Human Family!! Where to begin with my story…Growing up my parents were divorced and my mom had custody over me, but my grandma did mostly everything with me. I honestly wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her. Later in life around eight, my mother met her husband who was religious and I didn’t see my grandma for years. Within that time I was verbally abused and was accused and called a f$g$t when I myself didn’t understand what was going on with me, but was now terrified to find out or even explore what I was going through.

I played the part so to speak. As the years go on the verbal abuse continued to where I tried to end my life. Luckily my grandma had found me and offered to take custody of me. Luckily my mother agreed. Off  I went to Texas my junior year of high school. There I continued to date men and hide myself until one day my grandma and I were in the Walmart parking lot and I was crying because I thought there was something wrong with me and I couldn’t fix it. I thought she wouldn’t love me anymore. She smiled at me and said baby I already knew and it’s ok. I was so relieved!!

Later in life early 20’s I set out to the west coast and became a pro wrestler where it was a male dominated sport and was told to keep me being gay a secret. That being gay would ruin my chances of making it, so again I did. I feel guilty I did, but I wanted to make it so bad! I hid myself and in some cases I was sexually assaulted. I’m personally not ready to talk about it because in a way I still carry guilt from my situations. But back to the positive!! I came out again and my fans loved it. I helped others come out and it was great. I also got a lot of hate mail and threats, but I’m willing to deal with those to pave way and help make others a safe place.

I’m recovering from a serious concussion and don’t know if I’ll be able to return, but that’s ok. In the process, I met my beautiful wife who is amazing, patient, kind, and loving. I can go on and on. She even got my grandma’s approval before she passed away. My grandma helped celebrate our wedding and bought our first wedding cake. She always bragged about me having a wife. Anyone that didn’t acknowledge my wife as my wife she would get on to them and tell them that she is my wife!! My grandma truly saved my life. I wish we had more time together. I will continue showing everyone what she showed me and that love really is unconditional and there are no terms.

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