loud for those who can’t.

loud for those who can’t.

When asked to speak about myself, I’m always met with internal conflict. I enjoy writing, painting, drawing, cooking, singing, and driving around with my music all the way up. I enjoy swinging at night time with my friends. yet despite all of this, most people zero-in on my queerness. It’s frustrating, because I am so much more than just a gay, transgender man. I know that my life would be easier if I was a little bit more quiet, but as I’ve grown, I’ve become less frustrated with the “T” being so prominent in my reputation. I choose to be loud for the kids who can’t- the kids who would be disowned, beaten, and God forbid, killed. My heart goes out to every single one of them. I hope that they can persist long enough to see that one day the light you can barely see now will become your home. I am only one person with access to the internet, but I was once the terrified, silenced middle schooler and I remember exactly how good it felt to go home and see other people just like me on a glowing screen. Nobody should have to walk through the fire alone. I hope that the queer youth are able to find access to evidence that proves that who they are and what they feel is not abnormal.

To those kids, I say this;
The biting words and sharp experiences are nothing on your thick skin. No matter how hard people will try, nobody has the power to take away who you are. Remember your value, keep slouching forward, because there is so much left to do.

This amazing story was shared by a human named Avery.

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