Mr. Fuentes

Mr. Fuentes
Name: Joseph Fuentes
Pronouns: He/Him
Instagram: Teacher_Fuentes

As a child I grew up knowing that school was a safe space for my sisters and I. It was that one place where I felt normal or what I would consider “normal.” It was also that place where I started to learn about how different my upbringing was compared to my peers. As a student, I grew extremely close to the teachers at Lowell Elementary School. They made me feel safe and supported! As a struggling student I always knew they were going to support me. To this day I truly believe that it was those teachers who helped me to overcome barriers and succeed in life.

They are why I became a teacher! I love being able to build relationships with students, parents, and colleagues. A school is more than just a building, it is a community. I see my campus as the focal point for developing a community that truly believes in uplifting their neighbors. I work hard to understand the needs so that I can better serve my students. Each day I return to work I hope that I provide someone with a safe space to be themselves. I hope that I remind them of their worth and abilities even when they don’t see it. As an educator, it is my job to provide opportunities for students to learn and thrive.