My first words in the hospital by grace

My first words in the hospital by grace
Name: Grace Locke
Pronouns: she/ her
Instagram: gracieelocke

So my story is that I am a 25 year old girl from Texas. My name is Grace. Things got pretty rough for me in high school but my twenties became literal hell. Just been through so much so many relationship problems and drama…

I have self harmed here and there made a few attempts over the years. I came to a major breaking point

April 23, 2020 I made the most severe attempt I’ve made thus far. I jumped out of my balcony on the fourth floor of my apartment building complex. I survived. I was not paralyzed. It was a miracle. I broke so many bones, had surgery on my pelvis and spine. Collapsed lung and minor brain bleed. I went to the hospital for three-ish weeks. When I started to become aware and more conscious at the hospital my first words to my nurse were, “I was mentally and physically exhausted. I mean I am only human.” And that’s when my nurse told me about the organization Only Human.

And I requested to join. I was so thrilled when I was accepted!

And it has been such an incredible driving force of positivity in my life and such a caring community to have.

I am so grateful for Only Human. 

I feel it is something that is definitely meant to be in my life.

I love Only Human.

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