My life

My life
Name: Michelle Stark
Pronouns: She
Instagram: Redhead_1217

I’m a 47yr old recovered addict (16yrs sober). I’m a survivor of domestic abuse and part of the #metoo movement.

I currently work as a mental health counselor in a group home setting for ppl with schizophrenia, suicidal ideology, cutters, body dysmorphia, and transgenders that can’t find the balance they need due to being shunned by their families. My job is essential and I’ve been on the front lines working thru this pandemic, every day taking precautions to keep mama safe when arriving home.

Aside from work, I moved my mama in to care for her full time after finding her husband passed away in his favorite chair, with their 3 beloved pups asleep in his lap.

I just returned from Africa last week, where I married the love of my life. My first marriage. Due to travel bans that Trump has in place, it’s impossible for us to create a life here together. Since seeing the world thru sober eyes and helping care for so many others, I would love to have my life come full circle and live a quiet and simple life with my dear husband, whose only crime was being born in a country that Trump despises.

I have come to LOVE you, your mission and what you stand for and I have no doubt I will be a lifetime customer.

I would love to see some t-shirts that encompass the hundred of thousands of couples that are affected by Trump’s travel ban, long distance love, surviving addiction, or just surviving 2020!

This is my little quick life story… Thank you for taking the time to read. And most importantly, thank you for allowing me to share just how far I’ve come.

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