My Wife For Life

My Wife For Life

There are a lot of things for someone to be proud of…from who you are or where you come from, to things you enjoy, talents you have and share with others, successes you’ve achieved, and lessons you’ve learned throughout your life (even if they come from situations you aren’t necessarily proud of).

For me though, I’m most proud of who I love, my wife, Danielle. I’m proud of her strength. I’m proud of her journey. I’m proud of her determination. I’m proud of her ambition. I’m proud of her encouragement. I’m proud to be partnered with her in this life. I’m proud to love her and even more proud of the fact that she loves me. I’m proud to be able to do things that have earned her love. And even though it has been a very long and bumpy road so far (but we are still trying) I’m so proud of the mother that she will be to our future children. I’m already so proud of the passion and determination she has had throughout our journey and I can’t wait to see it in action once we are finally successful in starting our family.

So long story short…I’m proud of my wife for all that she is, all that she isn’t, and everything in between.

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