Own Who You Are And Celebrate That

Own Who You Are And Celebrate That
Name: James Barnes
Pronouns: He/Him
Instagram: thetranscoach

6 years ago I came out as James and have felt so much lighter having that weight taken off my shoulders.

Truthfully, when people told me “It get’s better” I wish they would have told me that it got better when I started advocating for myself, and stopped trying to be who people wanted me to be, that it “got better” when I was honest with myself and those around me.

The moment I owned who I was and celebrated my identity, with or without other people celebrating with me, was the greatest moment of my life. I’ve gone from craving peoples approval who didn’t support me to now teaching people how to better love LGBTQ+ people, because I started loving myself first.

You are an incredible human, and I wish for you the ability to be honest with yourself and opportunity to celebrate exactly who you are and who you want to become. Heres to a wonderful PRIDE!