Pain behind depression and anxiety

Pain behind depression and anxiety
Name: Jenna Sustric
Pronouns: She
Instagram: Jennabs105

Hey everyone! Im Jenna, 27 years old from Cleveland,Ohio. I am gay and love to meet new friends. I recently joined to become a advocate for only human and I am beyond excited. My good friend Tori told me about becoming a advocate and I am beyond grateful. I have always struggled with anxiety and depression.

Having anxiety and depression can really mess with your head at times and make you feel crazy. Through the years I have learned that anxiety and depression are your own demon everyday and to never be ashamed of it. Joining Only Human is making me open up in a way I never thought I would. I am learning it’s okay to be true to yourself and to love yourself. I am a great person with a huge heart and will do anything for anyone. I believe in what energy you put out into this world is what you will get back. I have always put my heart on my sleeve with any situation that has came my way even when it has brought some heartache.

Being a good human is never a bad thing even when we have bad things that happen to us. Good karma is a real thing and being a good person starts with that. I always try to see the best in situations even when it seems like there is absolutely no good, I believe things in life happen for a reason even when we don’t understand it in that moment. Life can be a pain sometimes but we have to learn to only take one step at a time. I am looking forward to meeting some awesome people and new friends! Please don’t be shy! 🙂

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