Phoenix From the Fire

Phoenix From the Fire

You know when you look at someone and you see an undeniable spark, magic, an entire galaxy in their eyes and that light is one in which you can see your own reflection? That reflection is one in which other people are inspired by, always. Stay;

You know that quiet peace that can be felt when you come inside from it being excruciatingly cold and you take that first sip of hot coffee and it creates a river of warmth and comfort throughout your entire being? That warmth is a blanket that other people want and need, always. Stay;

You know the tears that you cry when nobody is around, the cries that try to remain silent in the stillness of loneliness and doubt? Those tears tears drop to the floor and create the beat of the song of the one thatโ€™s waiting to sing your song back to you. Let those tears out, always. Stay;

Your reflection, your warmth, your song, someone is waiting for exactly who you are, always. Stay;

My reflection, my warmth, my song, she is singing it back to me in perfect harmony, always. I stay;


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