Pieces Of A Bigger Puzzle

Pieces Of A Bigger Puzzle

Let me start off by saying this! Before I was 21, I was abused physically by my father and was bullied in school! After I turned 21, I turned to drugs and alcohol because I thought that was the cool thing to do. People I thought were friends were using me only to gain alcohol! As the years went on, I went on a downward spiral of non stop drinking and hardcore drug use. It got to the point I was stealing money from friends and family just to get my next fix.

Then, I got married for the first time. That was the worse mistake of my life! I married someone I thought would be my soulmate. Turns out, she was cheating on me! During this time, I became addicted to pain killers and ended getting in massive debt with hospitals because I was faking injuries just to get pain pills.

After my first wife left me is when the depression and anxiety set in. There were multiple times I attempted suicide which led me to being in the psychiatric ward of the hospital. Eventually, in 2013, I moved in with my uncle and aunt. Once I did that is when my life started to change. I went to rehab and got clean and I have been clean ever since! I now am with and married the love my life and have a step daughter that I love dearly!

I guess the lesson of the story is this: Times will come where things seem bleak and dark, but as long as you keep your head up and don’t let those that try pull you down keep you down, you will break free! You will become the person you want to be! Not the way society looks at you!

This amazing story was shared by a human named Michael.

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