Proud & Free

Proud & Free

Over the last few years, I’ve read hundreds of stories from humans all over the world. Stories of struggle and hardship, celebration, and coming out. Stories that have broken my heart and made me cry tears of pure joy. Beyond reading those stories, I was at over 30 community events and Pride Festivals last year alone and met so many incredibly brave humans in person. The humans who live in this world and the happiness they spread when they are able to be themselves is unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed. It reminds me not to take for granted my opportunity to be out and still have the love I’ve always yearned for – not only from others, but for myself.

There are so many humans in this world who are finally finding the “family” they’ve always needed in their lives. I see more humans than ever living in this world authentically and showing up in the ways that make them feel at home in their own skin. I’ve met more LGBTQ+ families than I can count and I was finally able to go through the process of starting my own alongside my incredible wife. Each and every time I read or hear a story from a human who is able to live freely, it fills me with an insatiable pride.

This. This freedom is what we’ve all been fighting for all along.

From the Stonewall Riots 50 years ago to the Pride Celebrations popping up all over the world. I’m starting to see a change. While there’s still so much work to be done before all humans who identify as LGBTQ+ have equal rights, I’m proud for what we’ve accomplished in the past 50 years! I’m gay, but I’m also only human like you.

So what am I proud of? I’m proud of us. The ones who fight for human rights and continue to push for equality. I’m proud of the ones who are acting as role models for the next generation of humans. I’m proud of the good humans around me who continue to inspire me on the daily to never compromise who I am.


Story submitted by Crissy

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