Raging Lesbian

Raging Lesbian

Each and every year I look forward to the pride festival. It’s where all of us queers can get together and share that connection and love we all have. It’s so pure.

It didn’t take me long to realize I was a lesbian. I always wanted to be with the girls and hold their hand when we would play ‘House’ as kids. What I did not know is that some people believed it to be wrong and sinful. When I was 8 we had lesbian neighbors move next door. My dad always make homophobic comments. Fast forward to middle school when I came out to my friends, I assumed everyone knew I was a lesbian with out telling them. My friends asked me if I liked girls (I literally had a girlfriend and would kiss her but okay haha), so I came out to them. I don’t really have a “coming out story” because sometimes it’s something I still have to do.

I have always been confident and proud of who I am. But my senior year in high school this kid was yelling at me on the bus while we were on our way to the state capital for a government field trip. He kept calling me a dyke. I could tell you all the things he said to me, but that one word hurt me the most because I have NEVER been ashamed of my sexuality. It caught me off guard. It’s something I remember vividly. I was 18 years old. He was 19. We were going on a field trip with our friends and classmates and he got upset with me, stood up and started yelling at me calling me a dyke in front of everyone.
Luckily when I got off the bus I found myself surrounded with all these people who are also part of the LGBTQ+ community and ally’s from my school. They were there supporting me and comforting me.

That was a big moment for me realizing that I’m not alone and hearing their stories as well.
That’s why I wanted to share that story, because none of us are alone and should never feel like it. ❤️

This amazing story was shared by a human named Desia.

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