See Yourself In The People You Follow

See Yourself In The People You Follow
Name: Jordan Daniels
Pronouns: He/Him
Instagram: johodaniels

I used to hate my body and myself with it. I believed what society and my peers told me about it. That it was ugly, unworthy, unhealthy, too much of everything. That culminated into self-harm and self-loathing. It took years to unlearn, a lot of It Gets Better videos, Lady Gaga, OUT articles, therapy, and more. I’m grateful for the access I’ve had to do it, and encourage those with that same access to utilize the necessary resources for healing. For those who may not have the access, there are many tools on Instagram and other social media for mental health support.

One of the biggest tools to help is seeking those who represent you. See yourself in the people you follow and know how possible it is to thrive. Know that the pathway to a joyous, queer and/or trans life is possible and probable. Look at us. We’re beautiful. We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re radiant. Your family is here to welcome you with love.

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