Siara Short

Siara Short
Name: Siara Short
Pronouns: She/her

Hello my name is Siara and I have had a rough start to coming out as my true self! I loved my best friend throughout grade school and middle school. She hurt me really bad and from there I was ashamed and started dating who society said I should. I married a very abusive man and had 4 kids. I was miserable and finally in 2019 I did something for myself. I started women’s softball and just when I gave up on love, I found the woman of my dreams! She is now my wife and it’s like a different fairy tale! I have overcome addiction, abuse, and many other things in my life, and when I came out with my true self, there was no other freeing feeling that could amount to it! My coming out has helped my 10 year old daughter come out as her true self as well. She recently told me that she is bi! I am so proud of her!

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