Stand up

Stand up

I’ve never been the bully but been bullied.

When I was in elementary it started. I was being picked on for being too tall because I was the tallest one in my class, and actually the tallest one in my elementary and they started to call me names and it lasted throughout elementary and junior high and some in high school. At first it didn’t bother me but after a while it started to get to me. Because it was getting worse. And it may not seem much to some people but after awhile, being called names, no matter what it is, it gets old and it does start to get to you. And I would cry a lot and I didn’t wan’t to go to school. Eventually I stood up to the person who started it all, and surprisingly he apologized. But no matter how big or small it may be, it stings to be called any kind of name or picked on.

Some advice that I have is that you are strong and beautiful and you can get through this! It will not always be this way.

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Story submitted by Victoria C.