You Are Worth Fighting For
Livia Koehler (she/her) @lovelyylivv   A 12-year old is not exactly Seventeen Magazine’s target audience. In 2011, before I became a teenager, I endured my first bout with mental illness. Little did I know that a seemingly harmless read of...
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Feeling Stuck
In December, I moved from Iowa to Florida and with the help of my dad, I was able to sober my life up and quit doing all drugs I was doing for 20 some years! I'm extremely blessed to have...
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Hello, it’s Miles.
Dear Amanda, You got me through my childhood. You got me through the awkward Sunday church and family pictures where I felt embarrassed and humiliated having to wear a skirt and socks with ruffles. You knew it was killing me,...
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Being Different Is A Good Thing
I always knew I was different. I couldn’t describe it or put it into words then, but I knew from a young age that something about me was different than the other girls I befriended. I was always drawn to...
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Creating our Family
From being a straight girl living in “Amish Paradise” to a happy lesbian with a wonderful wife and daughter. That is the beginning of my timeline to current. Growing up, I did not know that being gay was an option....
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Share Your Story

Sharing your story with the world is an incredibly vulnerable thing to do, but human connectedness and storytelling is a powerful thing and has the potential to inspire and help those reading it. We want to hear your story, no matter what that story is, no matter how hard it may be to tell. We know that we all struggle and that the ability to move out of that struggle has the power to change the lives of those around you. Only Human was built as a safe place to share your journey, we want you to come as you are.