The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule

Treat others the way you want to be treated. Most people forget those words. My dad didn’t seem to care about that when he used to beat my mom and I every day. My first memory I have is watching my mom come out of her room bleeding from her eye after taking a few punches. I was five. The next memories are me getting hit with a belt after getting a question wrong while doing my homework while hearing that I was stupid.

On a Friday afternoon when I got home from school I discovered three bags packed. My mom grabbed my two little brothers and I. We got in a car and drove to the airport. We were leaving our home to come to the United States where my dad had been for the last two years. I was 12 years old when the world I knew had been ripped from me. My family, my friends, my home. I didn’t know a single word in English, for the next three years I was bullied for it. The pattern I once had seen, started to happen again. My mom had bruises and cried most days. AMERICA the land of the free and home of the brave (I said to myself)! I got out of the room and confronted my dad. We got in a fist fight, but after that night he never laid a hand on anyone.

Coming out was one of the few times I have felt freedom in my life. I didn’t have to hide or be ashamed of who I wanted to love. Being raised catholic and being the only girl of three kids did not go well. I had to move out of the house at the age of 16. My family completely cut ties with me for two years. I was alone in the world. Now I have a great relationship with my parents and my whole family. We tell each other I LOVE YOU any chance we get. Life is too short to not love and be loved by other humans.

I have experienced racism, physical abuse, mental abuse, heartache, depression, suicidal thoughts, rejection and many more unpleasant feelings. Fast forward to the present as I look back at my life, I wouldn’t trade/change any of it. All those experiences have made me the person I am today. A human longing to be part of something bigger than myself. A human filled with love for the world, a light that wants to shine in others’ gray skies to bring them joy. A voice that fights for others that can’t. A shoulder/rock for someone that’s lost. I want to be hope in humanity.

You are not alone! Be proud of who you are <3

This incredible story was shared by a brave human.