The struggle to beautiful

The struggle to beautiful

I was 17 and fell head over heels for this girl whom was a few years older than me, I thought I would spend my life with her. I hid it from the world and basically was living a double life, dropped out senior year because I felt ashamed and embarrassed, but I was so in love I didn’t care. I wanted to run. Lost some friends, family found out and I hid and ran from them and was told some cruel things from them. I was in a very dark place and always scared.

Two years pass and our relationship became toxic and I needed my family. It was one of the hardest and scariest times of my life. We separated and I stayed independent and stuck to my guns. They saw it wasn’t just a “phase” and accepted me for me. They love me and accept me 100% today and that is what I’m most proud of. I didn’t back down and “be” what my family wanted me to be or expected me to be. They are truly happy for me and my partner today and I’m extremely happy and proud of the acceptance that stands behind me now. My family is everything to me and I know they just truly want me happy and the rest of the LGBT communities.

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