Thinking Of You

Thinking Of You

There are days I question if I picked the right career path, days where it’s a struggle to put on my vest and duty belt.

On those days I think of you, the 18yo that thanked me for stoping his suicide.

I think of you, the countless addicts I’ve helped get clean.

I think of you, my partners that I’d give my life to protect.

I think of my family who I’m trying to make the world a better place for.

To everyone, I’ve got your 6 regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or social status I’m here to serve and protect. This month certainly hits home to me. First responders go though a lot and see some of the worst situations our community has to offer. I’ve had far too many partners turn to alcohol to cope with their experiences with traumatic situations, and some have committed suicide because it’s seen as weak to ask for help.

We’re viewed as these strong hero’s who shouldn’t be effected by things, but we’re all human. We are effected by things. Bringing awareness to the need of mental health within the first responder community is huge. You are appreciated, you are brave you are loved. Thank you for doing what you do!


Story submitted by Renee