To My 10yr Old Self

To My 10yr Old Self
Name: Kapua Silva
Pronouns: She/Her/Human
Instagram: kapua_silva

Hey you,

You’re almost at your toughest stage in life. You’ll be caught in love with a girl for the first time by your Christian parents. They will try to have you locked up in your own room with no contact with anyone. They’ll have you going to counseling, and to have random people “pray away the gay,” but you, you ARE and will always be a strong, proud, and (still) happy person! It’s gonna be a struggle at first. You’ll go through a lot of ups and mostly downs. You’ll know who was actually there for you throughout it and helping you with a crying shoulder. You’ll lose some friends, and you’ll mostly feel alone.

Later on in life though, you will find a beautiful girl that saves your life from spiraling down and shows you what true love is and who brings your happiness back to life. It’ll be an unexpected situation as to how you and the love of your life will meet, but just go for it like you always do in life. Lastly, you and your girl will marry each other. You may not have your family at the wedding, but the best part 10yr old Kapua, your family will soon finally come around and accept you for who you are! Sooooo, take that first step and keep your chin up you beautiful creature of life. Go kick the future’s ass!

Your future badass self,


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