To Whom it may Concern

To Whom it may Concern

I’ve spent the past 20 years as a psychotherapist. I wanted to share a brief picture of my background in order to illustrate a point which I’ll make at the end. We all deserve the extra support at times. I’ve been fortunate to watch the continued growth of the Only Human community which includes the well highlighted visions/process of honest humanity. Your energy and giving yourself permission to show up even in the uncomfortable times has truly inspired me.

We all have our own stories which help shape & mold the people we are today.

Like my story.  Born with a cleft lip & palate, multiple surgeries from day one of birth, being sexually assaulted (raped) by two drug dealers at 19 years old, the death of my baby girl when I was 21, overcoming addiction, having my son at 23, getting divorced, coming out, earning three college degrees, then 10 yrs in an extremely violent DV relationship with my ex-husband, and finally at 40 setting myself free. It’s been ten years of sorting through each of these main story lines taking what I need and leaving the rest behind. Unfortunately, at age 47, I had a break which led me to shove rocks in my pocket and start walking into the ocean. I just needed the built up noise to stop. I’m still not sure what turned me around waist deep, but I did and ran for help. There is so much of me that grows everyday from the good, bad, & ugly parts of my life. Just like all of us.

Even though I still struggle with symptoms of CPTSD, Major Depression, and Generalized anxiety all for which I take medication. I’m so pleased/honored to inform you after just about four years I went from victim to survivor to thriver. I have a ways to go, but my life is my gift to be unwrapped everyday. Watching and listen to folks like those in our community & following your passionate truth only keeps me motivated to be the healthiest version of myself that I deserve to be. Thank you thank you thank you!


This incredible story proving our worthiness was shared by a human named Johnny.

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