My name is Liz. A born Floridian but living and loving Phoenix, AZ.

What brought me out here originally and what keeps me out here are such huge parts of my story.

I attended and worked for Young Life since I was a high schooler over 10 years ago. When I finally got the job at my favorite place here in AZ I was the happiest except for one thing… I knew I would have to come to terms with accepting a huge part of me and that is that I’m gay. I knew it would cause huge conflict but after many therapy sessions I knew I was ready to be me. The real me.

I lost my job. My friends. My community. It’s been almost 2 years and it still hurts deeply.

What’s kept me here is the people at stuck by me when I’ve been at my worst. I’ve had some dark moments and they still come. Thankfully I have village who have been constant. New friends that have accepted every part of me.

I’m unashamed of who I am. Learning to love myself. Fighting everyday.

Story submitted by Elizabeth.

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