Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

I got pregnant with my son when I was 19. As a young single mom, I’d say my son and I “grew up” together. We both taught each other so much about life. I had to grow up much faster than most 19 year olds and I definitely saw the world as a different place through the eyes of my toddler.

My son was always such a fun, energetic and creative kid. He was always so outgoing and a friendly boy. It was about middle school when we noticed a change in him. We had moved and he switched schools so I sort of brushed it off as him adjusting to new environments. A few years passed and things just seemed to worsen. He got depressed and began cutting. One day after school we had to call 911 because he actually tried to kill him self. Many counseling and psychiatric visits later and still no relief for him.

One day, I decided I was going to try my old fashioned method. You see, my son and I used to go on mommy/son dates all the time when he was little. So I took him on a mommy/son date to Chili’s. He was angry, didn’t want to be there and was completely standoffish. We got seated, placed our drink l/food orders and after some attempts at conversation… I finally said, “Alex, are you gay?”

He lifted his head and looked at me surprised. “Yes.”

You see, I sort of suspected so but I didn’t want to assume. I didn’t want to place a label on my son and more importantly, I wanted him to have that moment to have the empowerment to say.. “yes I am”.

After he owned it, we talked about it and he loosened up and our relationship has only gotten stronger. I feel like I got my son back! He went through a few dark years where he felt scared of who he was but he’s proud of who he is now. He has a boyfriend now and I haven’t seen my son this happy in a long time! I’m a proud ?️‍? mama bear and will support my son no matter what!

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