Who made me a better human

Who made me a better human

This human right here is Melanie Reining.

Sometimes I call her mom ?. In the few pics are her, her wife (other mom) and I. I love them to pieces ❤.
Anyways… my life was great a few years ago until I’ve met a few people who later I realized was no good to me. They were great people till I realized that they were never the supportive and great people to hang out with. I even put my self in rocky path,
that I thought I had no purpose in life. I’m lucky enough to get out and realize I needed better people in my life.
Melanie has made me come to realize that I should always be myself and show the world who I am. Be free, love life, enjoy every moment, take risk and always be in service for others and be the leader.

She has showed me to be more confident in myself. I should be more braver and tougher in mental and physical situations.
Even though it’s been a few short months that I’ve known her she has made me a better human. Without Melanie’s wonderful soul I would still be stuck in this endless whirlwind. I love her for who she is. I am forever grateful for her.

I love you Melanie Reining❤?

Submitted by Elizabeth

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