Who Will Meet Me There? ~poem~

Who Will Meet Me There? ~poem~
Name: Peyton McElvy
Pronouns: Any of them
Instagram: tranceformthemind

꧁ And when I walk
To the edge of the Earth
My heart so empty
But without the hurt

Instead the bliss of clarity
That takes home in this bod
From those who walked away
And paths meant to divert

I come to this lightness
Smiling stillness of being
As the souls pass
In breaths of freedom

And it is here I stand
Where chaos, order
Merge, become one
Echoes of presence
That whisper belong

Wondering a moment
‘Yet if all is one,
Though our body’s dispersed,
Then this fortitude, this solitude,
Is mere illusion per sight.

‘Are there others of form
That wisp in the wind
On this openness of being
And will drift along with me?

‘Are there others of human
That touched that soft void
And have entered the state
Of euphoric loss also?’

I remain alone in peace
As my clouds float down the river
The light and dark tendrils eddying…
꧁Who will meet me there?꧂

~Peyton M.

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