Yoooo my name is Erin May and I’m from O.H.I.O

Yoooo my name is Erin May and I’m from O.H.I.O
Name:Erin May

Hi everyone,

My name is Erin May. Some people call me Mayo, and back in High School I was called All the way May. Now before all of your minds go to the gutter, it was after Madonna in the movie League of their own! I was a baller in high school. I ended up playing volleyball, basketball, and softball in college. The good ole days right? I always played sports, and was usually one of the best on the teams when I played.  I also was muscular, but wasn’t Blonde and didn’t look like a typical cute high school cheerleader. So most people called me names (typical homophobic names). Ya know girls can’t be ballers and be straight.

Well the truth was I just loved people. I had boyfriends. I had crushes. Justin Timberlake still is one (JT when you read this hit me up on Insta), and when I turned 21 I had my first official girlfriend. When I dated a girl named Tiffany in 5th grade it didn’t count- even if I still consider Debbie Gibson’s lost in your eyes our official breakup song. Going through my 20’s I was living it up, going out, and just meeting people!

Finally after multiple heart breaks and breaking others hearts I found the lady of my dreams at 32. We are currently married and have an adorable 2.5 little boy named Jackson, and hopefully another on their way when you read this. Most people when they describe me say my smile and personality will light up the room. I am a great friend, even better sister, and wife. With my greatest accomplishment being a mom. I will always be there for people. It’s what I was born to do. No discrimination just love, like everyone deserves!  I believe 10000% in Only Human and cannot wait to promote it! Let’s go Buckeyes! Let’s blast this!!

Much love to you all, thank you for let me share my story!

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