You Are Stronger

You Are Stronger

My coming out story.

Honestly, It’s hard to really pinpoint just one thing or time in my life where I came out, and that was it. Or others welcomed it with open arms. it just didn’t happen that way for me.

It was more of a series of things that affected me. People I grew fond of, and had to figure out exactly why and what else was underneath those feelings. What they meant. It was a long process as I reached my early twenties and battled a lot of yes, no, maybe so in my own head before coming to terms and saying anything to anyone. I also battled with my own mental health and anxiety struggles deeply because of it.

However, there were People who supported me, judged me, were maybe curious about me, already knew, or were just plain shocked and disgusted.

No matter, I’ve always felt different and I’ve always been different. From both my family and my friends.

I honestly think that as cliche as it sounds, I was the turning point for myself. I showed myself as well as others that love is stronger. I was stronger, and loved, no matter the differences.

For me the best way to explain this is in a poem I wrote a while ago and have yet to share, because it is so powerful and deeply personal. More so than any others I’ve written to date.

However I don’t mind sharing it now because it exemplifies everything I’ve been through and where I am now because of it all.

Please read this and take comfort in knowing that no matter the struggle or adversities, you are always stronger. ❤️
You want to know
The facts?
The truth?
Cause not many
Can take it
For what it is
And still move forward.
But I did.
I do.
I didn’t let
My adversities
Keep me from
Living an
Extraordinary life.
So here are
The facts.
I had an emotionally
Distant & absent
Growing up.
He was also
My brother,
An addict.
No direction.
My mother,
But not so
Drank to
Subside the
Maybe depressed.
I didn’t know,
Cause she raised
(My sister & I)
To our best,
And that was
No easy test.
I am gay.
And that makes
A minority.
I guess.
And an outcast
In my family.
But different from the rest.
Slow to respond,
Quick to Feel.
It’s all I’ve ever
How to be.
And through all
Of this,
I’ve had to heal.
From my own war
Waged within.
I’m Bi-polar.
And It took a while
To get to a place
Of acceptance
Of this.
I had to change.
These are
The facts.
But I’m still Here.
So you
Do the Math.
Carry on
Without Fear.
*I write poetry in my free time as much as possible to deal with the traumas from my past and constantly remind myself and others that Love is Stronger, Love is love, you get the gist. 😉

Feel free to follow along my journey.