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Make Dat Booty Work

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Certified CPT
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A brilliant man once said, “I like big butts and I can not lie”. Well, I would have to agree with you Sir Mix-a-lot.

Let’s be real, everyone can appreciate a perky and fit rear on anyone! But getting that “squat booty” is not always easy-peasy.

Never forget to push hard and stay dedicated. Results do not appear overnight.

There are 2 key points I push strongly in regards to booty training.

Creating the “big butt”

To create that squat booty everyone raves about, you need to specifically train the glutes for hypertrophy. *To create hypertrophy, you want to perform 6-12 repetitions reaching failure after your final repetition.*

Not losing sight of the rest of your body

Your body does not work in solo compartments, it works as a whole and, in turn, must be trained as a whole. Remember not to neglect your other muscles, especially those in the core. A strong core is key to any effective training.

Now let’s get down to business!

For you amazing humans, I chose my 10 favorite booty-building exercises to share and let me tell you. Legs and booty are my favorite to train, so narrowing this down was extremely hard for me!

I firmly believe these 10 exercises have led to my success in building this “squat booty” of mine”.


This is a no-brainer, guys. DO SQUATS EVERY LEG DAY. Squats target your full body, promoting a strong core, toned legs, and best of all, a firm behind!

Sumo Squats

Rule of thumb: Ass to Grass.

Really focus on that booty and complete a full range of movement. When you are at the up phase, tilt your pelvis backward and squeeze those gluteal muscles before lowering into the next squat. 

Kneeling Squats (smith machine)

These maximize activation of your gluteal muscles and are easy on your knees. As a woman who trains legs extremely hard and often, I love a leg workout that doesn’t strain my joints but still burns perfectly!

Dumbbell leg curl/Superman variation

Place the dumbbell between your thighs and lay face down on the bench with your hips on the edge. Flex the gluteal muscles the same way you would performing the “superman exercise”. I swear by these.

Weighted Donkey Kicks (Smith Machine)

My 2 favorite ways to perform donkey kicks are with a dumbbell behind my knee or kicking the smith machine. I prefer these variations oppose to your typical gym “glute machine” because, instead of resting on the comfy machine, you have to stabilize your body, working your full kinetic chain.

Cable Kickbacks with Cable Abduction

Cable kickbacks are a given, but we can’t forget abduction! Both your gluteus medius and minimus are both responsible for hip abduction. Throw these in, I promise you won’t regret it.

Barbell Glute Bridge

This exercise really isolates your gluteal muscles and is extremely beneficial to your pelvic girdle and core muscles. Do it, and do it often!


Hold that core tight, be steady and aware of your movements, and push with a balanced foot! Oh, you will feel these the next day.


No lift works as many muscles as these bad boys. Deadlifts will give you killer legs with a matching upper body; so never leave them out of your plan. . . EVER.

Single Leg Press (assisted dip machine)

I am always looking for an exercise variation that’s fun and new but still gets the job done. This is one of them. Honestly, I do them once a week and my booty thanks me!

Alright guys, there you have it! Now take these to the gym and get to booty building!



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