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The Carb Controversy

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Lyndsay T. Krisel

Certified NASM CPT
Precision Nutrition Coaching Certified

Lyndsay T. Krisel

Certified NASM CPT
Precision Nutrition Coaching Certified


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We love them and we hate them, but the fact of the matter is, we just can’t survive without them. We all know that good Nutrition nowadays can often be quite confusing.

Do we consume strictly fruits and vegetables?
Do we need lean protein?
Should I go lower on Carbs and Fat?

While the scientific literature has come a long way since crazy crash and fad diets were popular, there still seems to be a lot of controversy with regards to which diet is best. In my experience, I’ve found people struggling the most with the consumption of Carbohydrates.

Now let me tell you a little something about carbohydrates that I myself struggled to accept at times throughout my journey… WE NEED THEM!

Whether you want to believe it or not, due to the mass amounts of absurd information dished out by the media, our bodies need carbohydrates for ultimate daily function. Eliminating them can be detrimental to our health. They are our body’s main source for energy, and fuel just about every activity we engage in.

Restricting your carb intake, especially when adhering to a regular fitness program, can cause your metabolism to slow, and increase stress hormones like cortisol. Neither is optimal for efficient weight loss.

Sure, fats and protein can also provide you with the energy you may need, but where most people go wrong, is they tend to restrict both Carbs AND Fats, leaving the body with next to nothing to fuel intense workouts.


Instant weight loss.

When you eliminate one or more major macronutrients from your body, you will almost immediately lose weight. However, this is almost ALWAYS water and glycogen – not body fat. And when one returns to a regular, healthy diet, the weight usually packs back on just as quickly as it came off.

People will also usually replace these nutrients with an increase in protein, which is more often than not the main reason for instant weight loss, and not the decrease in Carbohydrates.

The truth is if you’re just blindly restricting yourself of Carbohydrates in an attempt to lose weight faster, you are going to be very disappointed when you learn that it just isn’t a practical and sustainable approach to dieting.

Weight gain doesn’t occur from Carbohydrates alone, it occurs from consuming a surplus of calories in general over time, whether those calories stem from Fat, Carbs or even Protein. Too much of anything can lead to weight gain.


The most important factor of ANY diet is that you enjoy it and that it works for how you like to live your life.

By eliminating any major macronutrient, you immediately make things more difficult for yourself than they need to be, and cause stress during social outings or events where it may be more difficult to exclude carbs from your meals.

In a world where people are becoming mentally crippled over trying to discover the next BEST diet, it is imperative to stress that there is no “best” diet, except for the one that is balanced and flexible and works best for you long term.

If you ever have any questions or are looking for that step in the right direction, CONTACT me at any time, or Start Your Fitness Journey Today!

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