chicago colectivo group of humans

Chicago Fireside Coffee Conversations

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chicago colectivo group of humans
Last night we had the first ever Only Human advocate meet up in Chicago. I can’t begin to describe what it’s like to bring together humans who are willing to talk—like really talk—and what types of connection you can make when you put the phone down and you listen. When you remain present and allow yourself to be open with your feelings, the support you’d find from others is beyond words.

I went on a walk last night after the event and reveled in all that Only Human is becoming. I gave space to be truly grateful for all the connections I’ve been able to make. I took a moment to thank myself for the work it took to get here. I acknowledged the courage that it took 19 humans to show up, open up, and share their story.

Thank you to each and every one of you who joined us last night. This is the first of a very long line of coffee conversation events we’ll be holding in different cities.

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