Come As You Are

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Real Life Stories


Only Human was built from Bree Pear’s personal story of struggle. From being bullied as a kid, to being that misfit teen, to evolving into an adult that now understands just how important it is to love and accept humans just the way they are. No strings attached. 

No one is perfect and our goal is to continue building a community and brand where people can finally feel at home in their own bodies. Society tells us all we need to look a certain way, have specific body types, achieve certain arbitrary levels of success. Society tells us to be things we may not be and the pressure to listen and conform is intense. 

We’re never going to be like that. All we do ask is that humans show up with kindness and respect for others and support one another on their growth journeys. Since 2016 we’ve been like this and we’re never going to change. 

Our new Come As You Are Collection is a reminder to yourself and anyone who see you that they are welcome just the way they are. Shop the new Come As You Are crop tee, tee, and long sleeve and let’s spread more positive messages in the world together!