Coming Out

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So this is going back 14 years now… I was a sophomore in HS and I was raised Christian.

My mom was always asking me about boys and I never had any interest. I knew why and I decided I would write her a four page letter – I left it on her pillow and took off for school. I came home to find the letter back on my pillow with red writing all over it and a big “F” on the top. She barely spoke to me other than to tell me how unacceptable it was and my “excuses” weren’t sufficient enough. It was a very long few years before she started to really get to know me for who I had come out as (myself.) I went away to college and when I came home it was a little better. Eventually she came around and today she is one of my best friends, she even cracks a couple lesbian jokes every now and again!

It does get better, even if it takes a decade and a half.