Dear Bad Habit

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Dear Bad Habit

Dear Bad Habit,

I’m so done with you. The way you’ve engrained yourself into my life so seamlessly and made me feel like I’ve got to go for the default option every time. I’m trying to grow in new ways, but you keep weighing me down like a brick. The tether you keep on me feels impossible to break sometimes, and it’s so easy to slip back into what I’ve always done with you – even when everything in me is fighting so hard to change.

Just so you know, I’ve found someone new. A better habit I’ve been working on day after day. One that supports me in being the human I want to be. One that moves me forward instead of setting me back like you always did. I’ll miss how easy it was for you and I to work together, but I won’t miss how much my life got turned upside down anytime I relied on you.

It’s going to be hard to replace you, but I’m hell bound and determined to do it. Thanks for helping me the only way you could, but I’m on to bigger and better now.

Better than I was yesterday,
Your human