Dear Younger Bree…

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There is so much you don’t know. So many mistakes I could tell you to avoid or decisions you should make sooner to make our life easier.

But that’s not the way the world works. Life was never about being easy. It’s about who you become when it’s hard.

Younger Bree, you will never have all the right answers, so start asking more questions. Speak up. Use your voice—it matters.

There will be many times when other people will laugh at you for the things you like, the way you look, and how you talk (or stutter/stumble). Let em. The scars those words create are calluses you’ll need later in life. The wounds will be tender for awhile, but you should know it’s ok to ask for a bandaid, younger Bree.

Quit trying to do everything all by yourself. You were never alone. Ever. You have one of the best families and support systems, so use them. Lean into them. They aren’t the bullies. They are your ally.

Learn how to love yourself and let that love be enough. Others approval won’t ever make you feel more loved. So stop seeking it.

The moment you let the haters get to you is the moment when you begin to hide all the things that make you great. And younger Bree, you have a greatness in you waiting to be unlocked. Don’t let others convince you otherwise.

One last thing, younger Bree. And this one is the most important so take notes.

You are enough. You are enough for yourself, for your many jobs, for your family, and for your friends. The unworthiness you feel will cripple us. It will hold us back.

You have a feeling inside of you right now. I know you don’t understand it and you feel as though sometimes you’re stumbling blindly through life, but you’re not, younger Bree. You have a calling in this world and it will impact so many more lives than just yours.

But it will require you to use your voice.

It will demand you publish your art.

It will beg you to love harder and deeper.

It will insist that you face the darkness.

Never be scared to challenge what is younger Bree. You will be better because of it.

Older Bree