Dec 2018 Advocates: Angels Asana & Ale

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What makes humans happy?

We ask ourselves this a lot because we’re trying to find ways to solve the unhappiness that holds humans down, makes them feel unworthy, and limits us all. We’re trying to create new ways in every day life and online to connect humans far and wide, to spread laughter, and to give purpose.

Isn’t that what we’re all looking for? Human connection. The feeling of belonging. The feeling of being treated equally as any other human regardless of their country of birth, their skin color, their income, their job title…you get the point. None of those labels or categories are gonna set the happiness inside of us free. They just box us in and separate us and make us feel like we’re all racing one another, but we’re not. We’re in this t-o-g-e-t-h-e-r.

Humble Human. It means to not feed your ego with self-importance. It means to see another human as the same. It means that no human on this planet is better than the rest. Don’t ya forget it.

Stay humble, humans!

Advocates, support this month’s campaign by:

  • Spreading the word. Share what we post throughout the month on Facebook and Instagram and tag @onlyhuman
  • Share your story about what being humble means to you and why it matters for humanity.
  • Shop the Humble Human Collection and be aware of how your own ego shows up in life.

A Few Ideas For Practicing Humility: 

  1. Focus your ego’s intentions on bettering the world
  2. Check yourself when you notice your ego start to take the lead in a negative way
  3. Life your every day life being aware of your ego or how you might judge/perceive other humans
  4. Hold humans you love accountable to acting and leading with humility
  5. Think about what your values are and see if they tie more into ego or humility

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What does it mean to be humble? Tell us!

Nonprofit Of The Month

We want to tell you a story about a family. Jennifer & Rodger Huberty are a couple whose baby girl Raine Madilynne was stillborn January 27th, 2011. They’ve created an annual Angels Asana & Ale event that exists to honor her memory and raise money to help support traumatically grieving parents and siblings. The proceeds go to help build the MISS Foundation’s Selah House to support bereaved individuals in crisis while also caring for rescued animals on 10-acres. When we met this couple, we knew we had to get involved. When we asked what they needed, they told us they could use help building out a new brand and website for their event. So, we did just that. Purchases made this month help cover the cost of the creation of those marketing materials and our in-kind donations for an charity event that helps so many.

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Angels Asana + Ale Event
Angels Asana Ale Website
MISS Foundation

The Collection

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