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Don’t Compare Yourself

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Please do not look at someone else’s journey and compare yourself. Don’t compare your life to their Instagram, or Twitter, or Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace, Tinder, or Pinterest. Don’t look at how much weight they’ve lost, or friends they’ve gained. Don’t stare too long at their successes, because all you’re doing is dedicating yourself to their life. Not your own. Everyone (even the best coaches out there) have bad days.

Now don’t get it twisted ☝? finding inspiration in others is different than longing for a life someone else is living. They’re living a happy life because they wake up and choose to live their life and not anyone else’s. Sharing your struggle and success is part of remaining authentic, and finding true success is figuring out how to live as authentically as possible—regardless of what others are doing, or telling you to do…or not to do.

I’m going to be super up front. I had a really bad energy day yesterday. I woke up with a mindset I had a hard time shaking. I had gone too long without a recovery day at the gym, there was a never ending to do list on my mind, and people in all different directions who need something from me. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. I got short and frustrated and my workout sucked and then I sat down and listened to positive podcasts while figuring out how to get my brain back to the grateful side of life. So I decided to share some things I learned from this struggle:

  1. Breath (but for real, focus on it, listen to it, feel it in every cavity of your chest, let that breath into your brain, feel your shoulders let go, and your face relax)
  2. Shut off notifications. All of em.
  3. List 5 things you’re grateful for
  4. Take that list and think about each one and why it’s impacted your life in a positive way

SO, even though I JUST posted a YouTube video about this subject, please know that regardless of what you see and hear from all the inspirational figures in your life, that we all still have hard days. The strength in your struggle comes after becoming more mindful so you can recognize when your thoughts aren’t in line with your goals.

To the moon and back,
❤️ Bree