Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines

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Our lives are crazy busy. We wake up, we do all the things we can manage, and then we hit the hay….and the next day, we do it all over again. We build routines and then we forget how to change them up when we desperately yearn to.

But what happened to the book you wanted to write? 

Or the business you wanted to start?

What about that idea you had that could change the world that you cast aside because you needed the stability of a 9-5? 

How about all of those excuses you came up with as reasons to stall?

“I’m too old”

“I don’t know how”

“Someone stole my idea” 

“I’m not good enough”

If you’re feeling like that opportunity has come and gone, you’re wrong. It is never to late to do that one thing that you’ve been wanting to do for a lifetime. That ship has not sailed. You can still make it happen, if you take action.

Stop going to sleep each night with a heart full of wasted intentions and missed opportunities. You can turn all those regrets into fuel and you’ll begin to see the infinite possibilities ahead of you. Whenever you’re feeling like you’ve missed your chance, remember—your opportunity is right now. The beginning of your newest adventure starts the moment you decide it does.  Dreams don’t have a deadline.

⚡️ Wild Crissy 

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