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Everyday Bravery.

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Classic Disney movies have painted bravery to be a series of all-astounding acts of courage (usually played out in this scenario by a prince saving a helpless princess). Usually, these acts of bravery are played out in front of a large public crowd and celebrated for years to come. *Cue applause*

And that’s all perfectly fine and dandy, but I want to talk about the unseen, everyday bravery that so many humans hold inside, because here’s the thing—everyday bravery is the really hard stuff.

Everyday bravery is…

  • Going to school even after you’ve been bullied every day for as long as you can remember and you’d rather just crawl into a dark hole for a while.
  • Looking at yourself in the mirror and learning to accept and love your imperfections.
  • Overcoming the negative thoughts inside your head that might be telling you that you’re not built for this world (p.s. you are).
  • Having the courage to tell your family, friends, or community what you identify as when it comes to gender or sexual preferences.
  • Seeking treatment for life-debilitating mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety (or countless others.

The unseen, everyday bravery that we celebrate at Only Human is the type of bravery that says, “I am working through this one day at a time, and that’s ok because sometimes life can be really freaking hard.”

In a world where there are constant curveballs to dodge and hard hits that we take to our hearts, sometimes being brave is simply just showing up. Sometimes being brave is being willing to ask for help in a moment of vulnerability.

For all you humans that feel weak inside—rally your inner strength and congratulate yourself for making it through another day.

You do you. Be unseen brave, be everyday brave, be brave in your own way. Just please, show up and give it your all.

We believe in you. Do you believe in you?

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