Everyone has scars

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Three years ago I decided to move half way across the country to become a teacher. Life was great and I was excited. Fresh out of college.

I made bad decision after bad decision. I lost the love of my life of five years because I pushed him away. Then I started dating someone else. The first few weeks were great. Then she become abusive and manipulative. I could not see my family, talk to my friends, live my life outside of her. My family did not talk to me anymore. My anxiety and depression took a nose dive and I started to self harm.

Fast forward eight months. I’ve been in counseling for months but getting nowhere. She decided to move to the other side of the world for a job. I was free. We were together for the first few weeks after she left, but I felt free. I finally ended the relationship and spent the next year finding myself, getting my mental health back on track. Many days are still hard. I’ve found myself self harming on bad days, but I was able to get back into counseling.

Mental health is not linear, but I have been on an upward trend.

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