Families Belong Together

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Humanity has done this before. We’ve made these mistakes. We’ve dehumanized people because of power and ego. We’ve ripped kids away from their parents and sent them to internment camps where they were told a chamber was safe. We’ve stood by while thousands are killed and families were ripped apart all because of following blindly behind a leader who tells us that this is right. They use words like pigs, slaves, scum, and animals to convince you that it’s morally ok to treat one group of humans like dirt. We’re talking about humans here. Humans with families and feelings. Individuals with ideas and grit. People with the capability of compassion and bravery. Kids without the comprehension to understand why their parents are being taken away from them.

As individuals, it’s up to us to stand up to language that dehumanizes others.

As communities, it’s up to us to crack ourselves open and share the hurts and the emotions that pump through us when we hear this news. We have to talk about the discomfort.

As a state, it’s up to us to elect politicians into our local office that embodies a message of support and love for the community they represent.

As a nation, it’s up to us to recognize when we’re repeating the very history we were told to memorize so we didn’t follow in its path.

Humanity is meant to work together to prosper and thrive. The words we hear each day become our reality, and if we continue to use dehumanizing language we are sure to see what the monsters hiding under our beds look like.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself, are you part of the problem?

Ways to help:
1. Speak up: you have a voice, use it
2. Reach out: contact your elected officials
3. Give back: donate to @raicestexas