Forming a Family

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Great Info You Need To KNow

As we are talking about chosen family this month, it’s also equally important to talk about the formation of families. There are many different types of families out there. There are families with same-sex parents, different-sex parents, guardians, adoptive families, single parent families, foster families, friends that are so close they have become family, and so many more. Families are formed based on shared values and experiences, similar interests, or even by proximity. 

The definition of family can be anything you choose for it to be. If you’re an LGBTQ+ individual and you’re forming your own family, you already have a family, you’re exploring starting a family, check out our IG Live Convo with Gena Jaffe. Then, head over to the resources at Connecting Rainbows to learn more, find community, and information you may not even know about.

You can learn more about Gena and her personal story here. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out.

If you need some advice about forming and protecting your family, make sure you find someone that knows the laws and policies in your state. Find a lawyer to help you keep your family protected.