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Somebody once told me to, “be kind to your future self.” At the time I didn’t fully understand what that meant.

It’s kind of like when you go your whole life speaking a certain way, and everybody around you speaks that way, so you don’t hear the accent. Then after moving away and going back home you “hear” it for the first time.

I heard the words— Be kind to your future self, Sunny Bayne. But I didn’t “hear” them. Those words had to sit in my mind for a while. I had to digest them. I had to process  them.

Once I processed those words I started making changes. When I spoke I started noticing that I was considering my words before I let them roll off of my tongue. I thought twice about who I hung out with because the five people you hang with the most determines who you are.

Now, I know that being kind to your future self means to make the best choice for the older version of yourself.

Be kind to your future self, Sunny Bayne.

Thus far, I have learned that in some cases it’s the hardest and most challenging choice to make.

In today’s society, we are living life in the fast lane and we want what we want, right now. Sometimes being kind to your future self requires saying no to something that you so badly want to say yes to. It takes patience, will power, and trust in the process.

It’s doing the uncomfortable thing. Having that unwanted conversation that makes your heart race and your feet feel like they want to run. It’s important to keep in mind that those uncomfortable conversations are, in fact, the catalyst to your personal development. The outcome is becoming a better more vulnerable version of yourself.

In some cases it’s choosing to order water while everybody else is drinking alcohol.  You might find that even though it doesn’t bother you, it somehow bothers everybody else if they are drinking and you are not. Learning to challenge yourself and be okay with social disruption is difficult at first, but it gets easier the more you do it. And will be worth it in the long run. 

When I started making these changes I noticed the people around me started making them too. They wanted to do better because I was.

Being brave enough to be your authentic self, and leaning into who you are. Leaning into your personal history and truth. A big part of that is accepting your past as your past and not letting your mistakes weigh you down as you continue to march forward in your life.

On the less deep end; choosing salad over carbs, water over soda, stairs over elevator, cutting out sugar, etc. is also being kind to you future self.

It’s the day in and day out of being consistent and dedicated to your goals. It’s telling yourself that you are made to do great things, but you have to do the things that other people don’t wanna do on an everyday basis in order to get to where you want to be. 

Being kind to your future self takes courage and knowing that saying no now is telling yourself yes later. It is knowing that having patience will pay off in the long run.  It is retraining your mind to know that the reward will take some time but it’ll pay off tenfold for your future self.

Think of your body as an investment instead of it depreciating value as you age. Age is a beautiful thing, my dear. Embrace it.

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