A few weeks ago, I sat on the phone with Sarah, from a nonprofit called Love 146. They’re an international nonprofit that is working to end child trafficking and exploitation. She was telling me the story of why the two founders created Love 146 and my heart was breaking. I was trying to keep it together, but the tears rolled down my cheeks as she talked…

Love 146 was founded by two men who went undercover at a child trafficking brothel. They were positioning themselves as interested “buyers” and were taken to a room where zombie-like children stood lined up behind a glass wall, wearing cartoon tees that didn’t match the context. They noticed most of these kids seemed practically lifeless, with very little will. The sadness palpable.

As they scanned the children, they came across #146. You see, these tiny humans were no longer called by their names, but labeled with numbers instead. And something was special about #146. Out of all of these children, she alone had a fight left in her eyes.

Our nonprofit partner in April is Love146, an organization working to end child trafficking and exploitation. This month, they’ll receive 10% of all Only Human profits.



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