Let The Haters Stumble By

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Photo credit: Kira C. - Only Human Advocate

We can’t let the hater’s hate become our own.

I recently had an experience that I think we can all learn from. Heck, many of us have been through this with no one on the other side to tell us the things that we know in our hearts. So I’m here to share my perspective of a situation fueled by hate, and share the words that I passed along.

Today an Advocate reached out to me worried about another Advocate who recently received some very hateful messages. To protect those involved I’m leaving out names, but I think it’s important that you understand some of the things that were said in these messages. These are direct quotes from messages that were sent to an Only Human Advocate.

“God wants you to be straight”

“You don’t even deserve to be a mom”

“You need help. Serious mental help. I’m sorry but you’re right about one thing. I can’t continue to love you. You’re a complete and total monster.”

No matter who you are, what your sexuality is, or what beliefs you have, it’s easy to gather that these messages are fueled by hate. A hate that is still very present in our communities regardless of the blinders you may put on.

It’s these moments when I read something so full of hate that reaffirm my own thoughts on life, love, and spirituality. So this post isn’t meant to be an evangelical message. It’s my perspective, my opinion, and the way that I choose to live every day.

God, deity, spirit, source, universe, energy, serendipity, coincidence, Susan. It doesn’t matter what name you give it, there is something greater than us that exists in this world. A higher power that can be felt in some way shape or form. You don’t have to belong to a specific church or sing the same songs on Sunday to recognize that a force greater than ourselves is at play. You do, however, have to understand some very basic concepts, ones that every religion teaches in some way.

  1. There is something bigger out there, you have to accept and respect that and acknowledge the power that it brings to this world (this is the one that people struggle with most often).
  2. You have to start loving yourself and the body you were blessed with.
  3. WE have got to start loving one another.

Love (insert preferred name for Source here).
Love yourself.
Love others.

If we start doing these things, we find that it’s easier to remain grateful and humble to the beauty in the life around us. Even the darkest of moments. Even in the moments when you receive hateful messages.

Though religion is making strides (and this in no way reflects all individuals who are spiritual) there are still many communities who truly believe that the bible is a strict rulebook that you live by. What these people live for is what’s on “the other side”. They use this book of stories to guide them through their life in hopes of a ticket to a peaceful afterlife. They develop opinions and claim them as fact based on a story that was written from a HUMAN perspective without the context of the time, place, and situations it was written in.

For me, heaven and hell don’t exist as an afterlife. But as this life.

Right now.
Right here.
Right where you’re standing.

Heaven and hell are perspectives. It’s the actions you take every day, it’s the message you spread, and how you choose to treat yourself and others. By living with that perspective, we can begin to understand that others will live in their own personal heaven or hell. Based on the hateful messages that our Advocate received, it’s apparent that the individual is living in their own personal hell. But that’s their choice—the same kind of choice that Eve had when she decided to take the apple. We were given free will, and we can use that to build and live in our own heaven, or our own hell.

The choice is your own.

You can choose to wake up each day and treat yourself and others with the love and respect that all humans deserve. You can spread kindness, do good, and create unity. You can choose love each and every day. You can build your own heaven around you with every breath, each word, and all of your actions.

You could also wake up each day and choose to see only the grim. You can become angry at a world who doesn’t see things the way you do. You can send messages to others that spread hate and misery. But remember ☝🏼 misery loves company, and before long, the company you’ve surrounded yourself with will live in the pool of hate that you’ve created. You will be living in hell without the ability to see the light.

So next time you make a choice, take a second to ask yourself if you’re living in heaven, or hell.

Love harder. Be good. Do better.
Let the haters stumble by.

❤️ Bree