Hearts On Fire

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Humans and love go together like peanut butter and jelly and sometimes sound like fighting cats. There are ups and downs. There is the type of love that is a long simmer and unbridled love that burns bright like a wildfire. At Only Human, we celebrate love shared by all kinds of humans. We even practice the art of learning how to love ourselves.  Love is love. Today, we’re sharing the love story of two incredible humans we call friends. 

Meet karli + emily (Their love story)

As true millennials, Emily and I met via Instagram. I’ll never forget sitting at work, scrolling through Insta and seeing @emillion_bucks’ name pop up as a follow. I checked out her page and noticed she had a decent amount of followers, so I didn’t follow back (assuming she only followed me for the follow in the first place), so I didn’t pay it any more attention until she started liking all of my pictures and commenting on them. After that, I caved in and followed her back, liked a few of her pictures, and as a true lezzie would, I commented on the picture of her with no shirt on. Emily and I went back and forth a few times, until i finally decided it was time someone had to “make the move”. So I DM’d her, I figured I’d use a CrossFit pick up line, and invite her to a competition that I needed a partner for. It must have worked because I got her number. 

After only 6 days of texting/getting to know each other, Emily jokingly asked if I would fly up to NYC for the upcoming weekend. I jokingly answered yes, and then all jokes were off the table…Within 10 minutes, Emily had booked a fight for me to NYC! I spent a weekend living like a celebrity and feeling like one. She really knows how to make a girl feel special. After I got back from the city, we already planned out Emily’s trip to visit me where I lived in TN. 

Falling in love was the easy part, it’s hard not to when you connect so well with the other person. From the start, Emily and I had such a raw and intense passion for each other. We started dating in May, and by September, we were engaged. I took her to her favorite get-a-way spot in Brooklyn, had her mom and sister there, and I got down on one knee, nervously forgot all the words I had planned out in my head, but I somehow managed to squeak out “Will you marry me?” By the next day, we had our wedding date set– September 9th, 2017.

Since we first met, our lives have been so full of life and love. It has brought us purpose and a connection that truly cannot be described– it has to be felt. I think one of the best parts about us and our relationship is that it really exists without the notion of it being wrong, impure, or any other small-minded statement. We love so fiercely, that it’ll almost make you feel invincible. It’s like getting a warm jacket after standing outside in the freezing rain without anything to shield you. So simple, yet it makes all the difference. Our advice to all the young humans out there looking and waiting for the right kind of love to come along– take time to figure out who you are as a person, what you like/dislike, what motivates and drives you etc, you’ll find it’s much easier to be available for your future mate when you you learn to first acknowledge and love yourself.

We know what it feels like to love, and to be loved, and there will never be a reason for that to be wrong. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you want to be, every person deserves to feel and experience love. There are so many ways humans connect, but love is the strongest of all–who you choose to give that energy to is not up for anyone else’s opinion. 

Emily and I are fortunate enough to have over 35,000 followers between the both of us, and we really try to use our media influence as a way of being a role model for young queer girls, or girls who might be questioning their sexuality. You’ll never find us posting any negative or degrading comments (unless it’s about Donald Trump), because we truly want to spread the love and warm vibes. We always try to respond to any messages about being a married lesbian couple, how we came out, how we handle uncomfortable situations etc. because we both want to be a positive light in someone’s potentially very dark world. 

ORGAnizations We Love

I [Karli] may be a little biased since I work for them, but The OUT Foundation // OUTWOD is my top organizations. Not just because of the cool merch and badass all-inclusive fitness events and initiatives we host, but because it’s mission is dedicated to providing the LGBTQ+ community with the tools to thrive through health and wellness. Here’s a list of other organizations and retailers we have recently partnered with who support equality and equal rights: 
ORDA (Olympic Regional Development Authority)
Last, but definitely not least, OH <3

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