What do the Holidays Mean to You?

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What do the holidays mean to you? Do they mean presents? Or presence? Do they mean hot cocoa and sleigh rides? Does it feel cold? Does your heart feel warm? Do the holidays feel happy to you? Or do they send a pang into your chest recalling the memories with someone who’s no longer here to share them? Do the holidays bring stress for you? Or do they bring a chill?

In this world of over 7 billion the holidays feel different to everyone. Some don’t get a happy holiday. Some don’t have a home for the holidays. Some don’t get to give their little ones presents under the tree while others are more worried about how many presents that they forget to remain present in that moment.

This holiday Only Human decided to donate 10% of profits in the month of December to the Martinez family in Phoenix, AZ. We can’t wait to be able to give a family of 6 a holiday they won’t forget. So if you’d like to give the gift of OH, you can feel good knowing that your purchase also helps a family share in the spirit of the holidays.

From the OH family to yours ♥️ remember to be human for the holidays. Your presence matters more than any present you could get.